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Denk.mal A

Denk.Mal A is equipped with one variable wall element with an impressive photograph from times when the Hotel was still under construction. The element is portable and can be turned around thus creating a white wall. Dank.Mal room A can be combined with Denk.Mal rooms B and C (see also Denk.Mal AB, X and 2). Outside the room, in the impressive Denk.Mal hall with its waterfall, huge glass roof, the gallery on the first floor and our Denk.Mal Bar, you will find unique opportunities for coffee breaks, accompanying exhibitions and group works.

Room Capacity

Recommended number of people:

Parliamentary style: 30 People

Theatre style: 50 People

U-Shape: 20 People

Circle of chairs: 20 People

Room figures

Size: 86,40sqm

Ground floor, daylight, wifi, variable light settings, blinds, beamer, screen, air-conditioning, public address system, brick wall, terrace

Denk.mal A

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