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Character in Stone and Design

Charismatic design instead of clumsy decoration, and a stylish atmosphere instead of glaring cosmetics lend distinctive character to the interior of the Gastwerk. Self-determination and individuality are the creative credo of all of the international Design Hotels Group™, which operates the Gastwerk. Inspired by hotel visionary Kai Hollmann, designed and implemented by Regine Schwethelm, Sibylle von Heyden and Armin Fischer, the charming roughness of the industrial building and the elegance of contemporary design in the Gastwerk enter into a fascinating symbiosis. Every stay in the stunning hotel is a rendezvous with personality.

The Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg has for the past 17 years set new standards in the world of designer hotels and hotel design. Any guest that enters the lobby of the hotel Gastwerk will have the impression of going back outdoors: a 6500 square foot space,  five floors high, welcomes the guest with exemplary openness and depth. Where once 5,000 tons of coal were stored, now bridges link the former industrial buildings and different levels and parts of buildings. Daylight floods the entire hall and gives the building transparency. Again and again the raw brick walls emerge, yet set limits for no one. This is the Gastwerk Hotel, the architectural expression of generosity. Despite its size, one feels the harmony of the structure and its spatial composition everywhere. This is mainly due to the  Gastwerk 's own understanding of shapes, materials and colours, and of both the individual and harmonious combination of all elements.

The purpose of giving the hotel  special charm has been achieved with a great sense of sensuality, clarity and functionality. The careful departure from the typical hotel design has succeeded. Sterile boredom doesn’t stand a chance. From the impressive hall to the various zones for entertainment and retreat, and to the spacious atrium rooms, lofts, suites and junior suites: throughout the hotel, an atmosphere of light, air and aesthetic self-assuredness awaits guests.

The equally lovely and surprising interior of the Gastwerk is a unique architectural experience in every way. Design classics encounter felt curtains, lamps in a combination of rattan and steel, wood contrasting with carpet in warm earth tones. In this hotel, the furniture turns in to pieces of art! Objectivity is mixed with clear accents of the antique pieces used. The fact that the host plant is an imposing structure from the outside, is self-explanatory. In the summer of 2000, it was voted the most beautiful facade by the city of Hamburg.

Globales Statement Design Hotels™

An interview with Gastwerk-creator and visionary, Kai Hollmann, at sister hotel The George.

Character in Stone and Design

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