Culinary getaway and "Liquid Symphonies"

In the Gastwerk Hotel’s bar and restaurant Mangold, you can enjoy a great view - but without the tourist crowds and far away from any stress. Our understanding of the perfect dinner is as relaxing and friendly as the whole atmosphere of our hotel. It is not only our hotel guests who are delighted with our natural friendliness, excellent quality and our fun with creative surprises.

Please note the current special information and new opening hours for our restaurant and bar.

Restaurant Mangold

Eating is a pleasure for all five senses. In the cosy loft-atmosphere of the Mangold restaurant, with its wide terrace and modern design, a sixth sense will be added: the sense of harmonious composition of many different influences from regional and international cuisine will impress even the most discerning gourmet with fresh, creative surprises.

Bar Mangold

You may know the name, but the taste will still surprise you. In our bar Mangold, we turn classic drinks into Liquid Symphonies with a unique interpretation of perfection. An experience that attracts not only guests but real friends of bar culture as well.

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